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MRET Water Activator
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MRET Water (GIA iH2O) Activator

The MRET Water Activator is distributed in the United States and around the world by GIA Wellness as i-H2O™ Water Activation System. Through the proprietary, patented MRET (Molecular Resonance Effect Technology) it alters the molecular structure of water without any foreign or chemical substance being introduced into the water. Coupled with GIA Wellness’s proprietary ERT™ (Energy Resonance Technology), which imprints a vital subtle energy signature into the water, i-H2O™ represents a major scientific breakthrough in water technology. Through a sophisticated, scientifically proven activation process, i-H2O™ transforms the molecular structure of the water to closely resemble the natural geomagnetic field found near healing water springs. i-H2O™ thereby delivers health benefits so convincing that space agency researchers are looking to use it on lunar settlements and space missions in the future.

MRET Water is Available for Shipping within the
USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand

Now Also Shipping to the UK, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, 
and other countries in Europe and Asia.
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From the inventor of the MRET Water Activator system--

Introduction to the Biophysics
of Activated Water

by Igor.V. Smirnov, Vladimir I. Vysotskii, & Alla A. Kornilova

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This is the first book to reveal the mechanism of 'long-term water memory' effects. The theory is based on precise mathematical calculations and a fundamental physical model of clathrate hydrates developed by Pauling in 1959. This book gives a detailed review of modern theories dealing with structure and properties of water. It also provides theory regarding the effect of activated water on biological systems under the life suppressive conditions such as ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. In addition, it provides detailed information regarding the mechanism of DNA self-reparation process under the influence of activated water. Also included is a chapter on the innovative patented technology based on mechanism of 'long-term water memory' to prove the feasilibity with experimental data and protocols.

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